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What We Do:

 Trimmer Tune-Up, Head Replacement, &

Respooling Services

Trimmer Tune Up

Like all powered lawn equipmewnt , regular maintenace in like tune-ups keep your trimmer running at peak performance.

The team at Feldmann Power will ensure your weed-eater is performing at its peak and ready to take on any challenge your yasrd will throw at it.

Trimmer Head Replacement

Sometimes trimmers stop spooling line due to worn threades. Instead of replacing the entire trimmer, a head replacement can be an option.

The experts at Feldmann Power will inspect your trmmer to make sure a head repalcement is the right move. We will then repalce the trimmer head with the proper replacement for your trimmer.

Trimmer Respooling

Save the time and effort of respooling your trimmer. The pros at Feldmann Power will respool your weed-eater with the correct line and ensure your trimmer will be back keeping your yard neat, clean, and the envy of your neighborhood.

Basic Tune-Up Service

Remove old fuel from tank and fuel lines

Change the spark plug if needed.

Replace Air Filter

Check all the cables and the connections.

Test unit to ensure head replacement is necessary

Remove bumb knob and remove line spool

Install replacement head to manufacturer specs.

Clean & Test trimmer to ensure replacement head is working properly

Line Respooling Service

Remove line spool and any old line from spool

Install correct replacement line according to manufacturer's guidelines

Clean Weed-Eater & remove any debris from head & spool

Test unit top ensure bump knob & spool are working properly

More Services

Feldmann Power offers a variety of small engine repair and maintenance services. Check out some of our more poular services   

Chainsaw Service

From tune-ups to sharpening, the pros at Feldmann Power can keep your chainsaw working like day one.

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Power Washer Service

The team at Feldmann Power can keep your power washer working like the day you bought it. From tune-ups to seasonal maintenance, Feldmann Power does it all.