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Power Washer Maintenance & Repair

A good pressure washer helps remove dirt, mildew and broken down paint residues that keeps your home, shop or outdoor furniture from looking sharp.

Keep your pressure washer running smoothly every time you use it through proper maintenance and timely repairs.

Power Washer Tune-Ups

Keep your pressure washer running smoothly every time you use it. Feldmann Power performs the tune-up using a multi-point inspection. We than clean, repair and replace any worn parts to keep your power washer running like new.

Power Washer Seasonal Maintenance

When storing your pressure washer over the winter or for a period longer than 30 days, make sure it will be ready for your next cleaning project.

Basic Tune-Up Service

Drain and replace engine oil

Check the air filter

Check the fuel system

Clean debris from the cooling vents

Clear clogs in the spray tip or adjustable nozzle

Make needed carburetor adjustments and cleaning

Lubricate the connections for the hose, spray gun and wand extension

Inspect the muffler and spark arrestor, if your machine is equipped with them

Replace O-rings in the water-inlet, high-pressure hose and spray-gun connections

Pressure Washer Winterization

Fuel Drainage

Remove the water and cleaning solution from the pressure washer water system

Lubricating seals and pistons

Add anti-freeze “Pump Saver”

More Services

Feldmann Power offers a variety of small engine repair and maintenance services. Check out some of our more popular services.


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