Chainsaw Maintenance & Repair Services

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Basic Tune-Up Service

Check the throttle trigger.

Check the throttle trigger for smooth operation. If any binding occurs, or if engine fails to return to idle the trigger will be repaired. We will also check the trigger to make sure the trigger cannot be pulled until the throttle trigger lockout is depressed.

Clean the chain brake

Clean the chain brake and check its function according to the instructions. Make sure that the chain catcher is undamaged. Otherwise, the chain brake will be replace.

Clean or replace the air filter

Clean or replace the air filter as necessary. Check for damage or holes.

Check the function of the oiler

Check the function of the oiler to be sure the bar and chain receive proper lubrication.

Check the starter & starter cord

Check the starter and starter cord for wear or damage. Clean the air intake slots on the starter housing.

Check that the AV element

Check that the AV elements are not soft or torn.

Lubricate the clutch drum bearing

File off burrs

File off burrs, if any, on the sides of the bar.

Clean the spark plug

Clean the spark plug and check the gap. 

Check the starter

Check the starter and the recoil spring. Clean the fins on the flywheel.

Clean the cooling fins

Clean the cooling fins on the cylinder.

Clean or change the screen in the muffler.

Clean the carburetor body and air box.



Check the brake band on the chain brake for wear.

Check the clutch center, clutch drum and clutch spring for wear.

Clean the outside of the carburetor.

Check the fuel filter. Change if necessary.

Clean the inside of the fuel tank.

Clean the inside of the oil tank.

Check all cables and connections.

Chainsaw Sharpening Service

Your chain is fully inspected prior to sharpening

Depth Gauges (Rakers) checked & reduced as necessary

Chains ultrasonically cleaned to remove grime, & old oil.

Expert operator will grind on a professional bench grinder and check each tooth individually

Chains are lightly oiled to protect from corrosion.

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