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Leaf Blower Maintenance

A leaf blower is useful for more than just clearing areas of leaves. You can also gain big benefits in the winter by blowing vehicles and pathways free from freshly fallen snow and riding areas of your property of dirt and light debris.

Need your Hand Held / Back Pack Leaf Blower Tuned Up? Having trouble with your leaf blower starting? Or maybe you don’t want to wait until your blower has problems. Schedule a Tune-up now. A tuned leaf blower lasts longer and runs more efficiently. Let Feldmann Power make sure it is working like is should! 

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Basic Tune-Up Service

Flush the fuel tank of old gasoline. Refill with fresh gasoline and add a fuel stabilizer.

Clean Carburetor

Change the spark plug if needed.

Clean Air Filter

Clean the fan blades on the flywheel.

Check all the cables and the connections.

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