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Push Mower Tune-Ups

With regular maintenance, a mower can last up to seven to 10 years, according to J.D. Power. One of the most important maintenance services is a regular tune up for your push mower. This crucial maintenance service keeps the engine and other systems of your mower in peak performance.

Push Mower Cable & Belt Repair

The drive cable connects the handle drive control lever to the transmission and engages the transmission to move the mower across the grass when you pull the drive lever up. Feldmann Power will replace the drive cable with a manufacturer-approved part if it’s broken or frozen up inside the sheath and your lawn mower won’t move. 

Push Mower Battery & Starter Services

Several years after purchasing a lawnmower, the battery needs replacing, just like a car battery. Lawnmower batteries serve the same function as a car battery to start and operate the engine as well as other electrical functions. The experts at Feldmann Power will repalce and dispose of your mower battery as well as service and repair any electrical system issues.

Push Mower Oil Change

The small engines that run lawn mowers need their oil changed just like car engines. Most mower engines need their oil changed every 20-50 hours of operation. Feldmann Power changes the oil and oil filters for walk behind & push mowers.

Push Mower Blade Sharpening

One of the best ways to encourage a greener, fuller and healthier lawn is lawn mower blade sharpening. Sharpening the blade twice each season will help maintain a green, healthy lawn. A sharp blade not only cuts clean so grass plants recover quickly, it helps reduce your lawn mowing time. The pros at Feldmann Power will sharpen and balance any mower blade, especially mulching blades.

Push Mower Seasonal Maintenance

Few pieces of lawn care equipment take a beating like the lawn mower, yet this popular appliance is often neglected until it won’t start or something breaks.

A lack of preventive maintenance almost guarantees an early death for your lawn mower, the experts at Feldmann Power can prepare your riding mower for the mowing season or the long, cold winter with our seasonal maintenance services.

Push Mower Tune-Up Service

We Start with a Good Clean-Up

We start by cleaning up your machine.

Lubricate and Check Air Pressure

We lubricate the machine according to manufacturer’s specifications and check the air pressure of your machine’s tires.

Replace the Fuel Filter

We replace the fuel filter as well as the hose that is between the filter and the carburetor.

Inspect Engine Covers

Grass clippings and debris can gather on the cooling covers of your engine, also preventing proper air flow. We clean clippings and debris off your machine in the hidden crevices you may miss. 

Check the Battery

The battery is often overlooked. If the case looks bulged, we replace the battery. We measure the voltage. We inspect the terminals to make sure they are clean and tight. We fix them now or replace the bad battery parts. We fill the battery with water to the full mark and charge it with a battery charger.

Replace Spark Plugs

Replacing your spark plugs helps you get an easy start every time.

Change the Oil

Change the oil and filter to ensure your machine is free of slude and harmful oil deposits.

Inspect the Deck, Belts, and Blades

We check to see if anything is broken or worn. We check your blades to see if they are loose or worn. We replace belts that have any signs of wear or are 4 seasons old.

Clean or Replace the Air Filter

Air filters ensure proper air flow to the carburetor. We clean or replace them as necessary. 

Final Look-Over

This is to help locate loose or missing parts. We rock the wheels to see if the bearings are loose or worn. We check the ball joints for signs of wear.

Are all the deck hangers tight? We look for loose or missing bolts, clips or pins. We check the electrical wiring plugs too

Push Mower Cable


Belt Repair

Push Mower Cable Repair Services

Transmission cable

If the transmission or drive cable comes loose or breaks, your mower will stop moving forward on its own. Feldmann Power inspects the whole cable from the handlebar down to the transmission. 

Wheels and the drive wheel gears

Wheels and gears need cleaning and lubrication, and sometimes they just need to be replaced. Your mower will move much more slowly if the drive wheels and gears are jammed up with clippings and dirt. Clean them and spray them with WD-40 or graphite.

Push Mower Belt Services

Replace a Push Mower Belt on a Front-Drive, Self-Propelled Mower

The lawn mower uses a belt and pulley (connected to the motor) to propel the unit automatically so that you don’t have to exert too much force to push it. Feldmann Power replaces worn drive belts on your self-propelled mower.

Push Mower Battery


Starter Services

Push Mower Battery Services

Battery Charging

Feldmann Power will test your battery to ensure the voltage is correct for your make and model. If low, Feldmann will fil low cells with distilled water and charge your battery.

Engine RPM Check

If your engines RPM is too low, the battery will not be able to charge sufficiently. Feldmann Power can check your engine’s RPMs and adjustcharge your battery sufficently. 

Check mower fuses

One reason your battery may not charge is a bad fue. Feldmann Power will replace any blown fuses in your mower’s electrical system.

Check Battery Ground or Charge Lead

Feldmann Power will inspect your mower’s connections and check for any corrosion or loose connections. If the wires are severely damaged, Feldmann Power can replace them with the manufacturer required cables. 

Wires or Output Connector

Wires need to stay properly insulated to stop any moisture or debris from entering and interfering with their ability to conduct electrical current. Feldmann Power will inspect your mower for any wires that are shorted, grounded or exposed between the output connector and your battery.

Check the mower diodes

 If your battery will not charge, a diode may have lost its connection or gone bad. Feldmann Power can replace bad diodes and check to see if they are installed properly.

Regulator Rectifier or Ground

If the ground becomes disconnected or the regulator-rectifier fails, the battery will not receive any power and will not charge. Signs that this component is failing will be similar to that of a bad battery. Feldmann Power will test the regulator-rectifier to ensure this system is working properly. 

Alternator Magnet

Alternators can wear over time and lose their ability to generate current. Feldmann Power will test your alternator and repair or replace as necessary.

Push Mower Starter Services

Inspect the Starter Solenoid

Feldmann Power tests the starter solenoid and will replace solenoid with recommended parts.

Test Starter Motor

The brushes, spring and magnets that make contact with the wire winding inside the starter motor wear, get dirty or burned, preventing the starter motor from operating properly. SFeldmann Power can rebuild or a replace starter motors.

Push Mower Oil Change Service

Push Mower Oil Change Service

Oil Change Method

Feldmann Power’s professionals will use the best method of removing the old oil from your mower. We use the siphon/pump method or tilt method to remove the oil.

Replace filter

If your engine has a filter, we replace it. Feldmann lightly oils the filter gasket with clean engine oil & install a new filter rated for your engine. 

Dispose of oil

Feldmann Power will properly dispose of oil in accordance with local environmental statutes.

Push Mower Blade Sharpening

Why Sharpen your Blade?

Your lawn mower blade is dull. Sharpen the blade twice each season to help maintain a green, healthy lawn. A sharp blade not only cuts blades clean so grass plants recover quickly, it helps reduce your lawn mowing time.

Standard Blade Sharpening

Feldmann Power sharpens the top side of your mower blade to ensure a longer lasting edge. We will also balance your blade to prevent vibration and possible blade shaft damage.

Mulching Blade Sharpening

Mulching blades have longer or curved cutting edges. The pros at Feldmann Powerwill sharpen and balance your mulching blade to manufacturer’s specs.

Push Mower Seasonal Maintenance Services

Pre-Season Inspection Service

Change Spark Plug

Spark plugs should be clean and sharp so that they can produce combustion-generating sparks. If you let your spark plugs get too worn out or dirty, they struggle to do that job well.

Check The Belts & Cables

During a visual inspection, Feldmann Power will make sure that any belts on the mower look free from any splits and cracks. We will also look for signs of twisted belts. Many times belts may not look that old, but they have twisted and are riding inside-out on the pulley. Feldmann Power will replace any worn or damaged belts.

Change The Oil

One of the more important parts of mower maintenance is checking your mower’s oil levels and general cleanliness. If the oil in the engine appears black, or if it has debris floating around in it, Feldmann Power will drain the oil and replace it.

Sharpen The Blades and Check Their Balance

A sharp blade will get the upcoming work done a whole lot better than the dull one. A sharp blade will cut the grass cleanly, allowing for the cut grass to heal faster. This will result in healthier, greener grass. A dull blade will rip and tear the grass apart, which leaves your grass ragged and prone to fungal growth. Feldmann Power will sharpen and balance your mower blade.

Clean The Carburetor

Feldmann Power will disassemble and thoroughly clean your mower’s carburetor. This will remove any gunk from old gas and dirt.

End Of Season Service

Clean Mower

Feldmann Power sprays the deck, remove and clean the blades, and if necessary, scrape off grass clumps and organic matter that won’t loosen with water. We then wipe the mower down to be sure it is dry.

Change Spark Plug

Spark plugs should be clean and sharp so that they can produce combustion-generating sparks. If you let your spark plugs get too worn out or dirty, they struggle to do that job well.

Change the Oil

Change the ol and filter to ensure your machine is free of slude and harmful oil deposits.

Add Fuel Stabilizer

Feldmann Power will top-off the tank and add a fuel stabilizer designed for winter storage. A full tank will help prevent condensation, and the fuel stabilizer will prevent fuel spoilage. 

Remove Battery

If you don’t plan on starting your mower in the off-season, it’s best to remove and store the battery in a cool, dry place. Just be sure to recharge it fully before starting the mower in spring.

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