Maruyama Piston Pumps Model MSD41

Piston Pumps

Uniflow Technology.

  • Maruyama’s patented, unique and simple Uniflow Design ensures that fluid moves in only one direction throughout the pump, reducing pulsation and maintaining a constant pressure for exceptional efficiency of spray.
  • Many models are very versatile for drive mounting and plumbing mounting … You can use either side of the pump!
  • Attachments available to convert European fitting threads to U.S. threads
  • Requires less energy and the cost of ownership and maintenance is low.


Maruyama’s Legendary Commercial UNIFLOW™ PISTON PUMPS ensure that fluid flows in only one direction, resulting in low pulsation and vibration.

Product Comparison
MSD41 5/8 MSD41 3/4
Cylinders 3 3
Cylinder Coating chrome chrome
Drive electric gas
Weight 11.7 lbs. 11.7 lbs.
Max Pressure 580 psi 580 psi
Flow/Suction Volume 8 gpm 8 gpm
Required Power 3.6 hp 3.6 hp (GX160 gas engine)
Commercial Warranty 5 yrs. 5 yrs.
Item No. 366538 366537
Illustrated Parts List MSD41 3/4 IPL
Owner's Manual MSD41 5/8 Manual MSD41 3/4 Manual
Repair / Rebuild Instructions MSD41 Repair Kit MSD41 Rebuild Instructions