Maruyama Chemical Application Equipment

Misters, Dusters & Sprayers-Comapct Sprayers Tow Behind & High Capacity Sprayers-
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Misters, Dusters & Spreaders

Engine-Powered, Manually-Operated.

Maruyama has crafted the most efficient and versatile products, fostered from experience, and built for nursery, lawn and grounds maintenance, pest control care, even snow and ice removal applications. The selection of chemical applicators – liquid, powder or granule, manual or powered – provide extraordinary versatility for your commercial applications.

Compact Sprayers

Engine-Powered, Battery-Operated, Manually-Operated

Maruyama’s extraordinary experience in sprayer technology translates into compact sprayers that are the most durable and productive products in their class. Gas powered, battery powered, or manual . . . backpack or barrel-top . . . Maruyama has the ideal machine for your application.


Tow-Behind & High-Capacity Sprayers

For long term performance, less down time and less maintenance, nothing beats a Maruyama High Capacity Skid & Tow-Behind Sprayers.

Available in 50-gallon, 100-gallon, 200-gallon and 300-gallon models.


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