Maruyama Piston Pumps Model MSD51 3/4″

Piston Pumps

Uniflow Technology.

  • Maruyama’s patented, unique and simple Uniflow Design ensures that fluid moves in only one direction throughout the pump, reducing pulsation and maintaining a constant pressure for exceptional efficiency of spray.
  • Many models are very versatile for drive mounting and plumbing mounting … You can use either side of the pump!
  • Attachments available to convert European fitting threads to U.S. threads
  • Requires less energy and the cost of ownership and maintenance is low.


MARUYAMA UNIFLOW™ TECHNOLOGY – Mauryama piston pumps utilize our patented, simple UNIFLOW™ design which ensures fluid moves in only one direction throughout the pump without changing its direction. The piston pumps require less horsepower to operate at peak performance. This technology is unsurpassed for efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

MSD51 3/4"
Cylinders 3
Cylinder Coating chrome
Direct Drive Type gasoline
Dry Weight 17.2 lbs.
Pressure 570 psi max
Suction Volume (gpm @ 3600RPM 10.6 gmp
Maximum RPM 3600
Required Power (approx.) 5.0 HP
Commercial Warranty 5 yrs.
Item No. 366559
Illustrated Parts List MSD51 3/4" IPL
Owner's Manual MSD51 3/4" Manual