2021 Diablo MP Commercial Zero Turn Mower with 72″ Deck


The Top Dog

Demand speed and maximum performance! The Diablo MP is the fastest mower in our line with a top speed of up to 14mph powered by Kawasaki FX Series engines. Plus, the Diablo MP features a welded steel deck, rugged engine guard, and a quality suspension embroidered seat.

BigDog Mower’s custom accessories can help turn your lawn into a source of pride. A beautiful yard is a perfect place to play catch with your kids or grandkids, enjoy a barbecue with friends, family, and neighbors as well as improve your mood and relieve stress. Build your BigDog to craft a yard where memories will be made.
*Bac-Vac and 3-Bag Catchers are not to be used when Flex Forks are installed on mower

*3 bag/Bac-Vac Catcher not to be used with Tweel
**Bac-Vac and 3-Bag Catchers are not to be used when Flex Forks are installed on mower.
****For Diablo MP use only 5×4.5 bolt pattern
****Tweel will increase the cut height range by 1″, making the range 2″ – 6.5″.
**** Deck will need to be re-leveled 1″ higher using standard leveling procedures.

The Diablo MP commercial zero-turn mower comes with a steel tube frame and welded fabricated steel deck with 7 ga. wrappers, offering enhanced durability in harsh conditions. The flip-up seat pan, removable floor pan, and toolless removable pulley covers make maintenance easy and simple. The precision control steering allows the operator to trim and maneuver easily around obstacles. Other brands have sensitive steering arms causing sudden and jerky movements. 3-year warranties back the commercial-grade engine options. Experience a whole new level of power with the Dual Hydrostatic Transmission featuring the Hydro-Gear 21cc PY pumps with Parker TG310 wheel motors. Enjoy the smoothest ride and enhanced traction on the 26” BigBite™ Drive Tires

The 2021 BigDog Mower Diablo MP comes with a 7-year or 1500-hour industry-leading residential warranty or a 2-yr unlimited hours commercial warranty for your peace of mind. Kohler Command Pro Engines


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  • Manufacturer: Kohler
  • Horsepower: Kohler ECV824 EFI (33 HP)
  • Cooling: Air Cooled
  • Warranty: 3 years

Drive System

  • Type: Dual Hydrostatic
  • Transmission: Hydro-Gear PY 21cc & Parker TG0310
  • Speed: Forward: 0-14 mph | Reverse: 0-5 mph
  • Parking Brakes: Patented Automatic


  • Cutting Width: 69"
  • Cutting Height: 1" to 5"
  • Deck Lift: Foot Operated
  • Depth: 5.5"
  • Blades: 3
  • Blade Length: 3 - 23.86" x 3.0" x .25"
  • Spindles: Ductile iron casting with steel, Shafts and sealed ball bearings.
  • Drive: V-belt drive to spindles with Electric Clutch
  • Construction: 11 ga. Fabricated
  • Spindle Mounts: Reinforced 11 ga. doubler plate & 7 ga. spindle tripler
  • Impact / Trim Areas: Solid 1.0" x .38" Steel Bar


  • Frame: 1.5" x 3" x .188" square steel tubing.
  • Front Axle: n/a
  • Front Caster Wheels: Steel Roller Bearings
  • Front Caster Forks: Fabricated .5" Steel


  • Seat: Custom Grammar full suspension seat, sliding adjustment
  • Fuel Capacity: 11.7 gal
  • Cup Holder: yes
  • Front Tire: 13 x 6.5 – 6
  • Drive Tire: 26 x 12 – 12, turf tread


  • Deck Size: 72"
  • Height: 53"
  • Length: 85.2"
  • Overall Width (with discharge chute up): 75.3"

Add-On Accessories

  • DFS Clamshell Catcher: Easy-on, easy-off blower and hopper assemblies. The BacVac catcher holds 10 bushels and utilizes an electric actuated dump.
  • Flex Forks: Shock-absorbing front caster forks provide a smooth ride and even smoother cut.
  • Steering Lever Extension Kit: Easily adjustable in several different ways to make your mowing experience as comfortable as possible.
  • Stripe Kit: Our innovative striping kit features a durable, heavy-duty system that's easy to install and is designed to leave a beautiful finish every time you mow.
  • Mulch Kit: Recycles clippings under our ultra-tough deck, allowing clippings to be cut and recut, then discharged down into the grass.