Maruyama Commercial Pumps

Piston Pumps, Barrel Top Pumps & Industrial Grade Water Pumps
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5 Piston Pumps & Barrel-Top Sprayers

5-Piston Pumps

5-piston pumps can be easily configured to various rpm ranges, flow rates and pressure settings depending upon the output requirements.

Barrel-Top Sprayers

Maruyama’s superior quality duplex piston pumps deliver remarkable performance and extreme durability. These pumps come ready to spray — no additional hoses, etc. needed.

Versatile, compact, highly portable designed pumps that rest securely on the barrels with rubber-tipped feet.

2 & 3 cylinder Piston Pumps

Uniflow Technology.
  • Maruyama’s patented, unique and simple Uniflow Design ensures that fluid moves in only one direction throughout the pump, reducing pulsation and maintaining a constant pressure for exceptional efficiency of spray.
  • Many models are very versatile for drive mounting and plumbing mounting … You can use either side of the pump!
  • Attachments available to convert European fitting threads to U.S. threads
  • Requires less energy and the cost of ownership and maintenance is low.


Water Pumps

Maruyama Industrial-grade Water Pumps feature:
  • The Iron 5 commercial warranty. The only 5 year commercial-use warranty in the industry available on selected models
  • Reliable commercial-grade engines
  • Available from a one inch compact portable model up to a three inch high volume stationary model
  • Cast iron impellers and heavy-duty mechanical pump seals insure long product life