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Maruyama Trimmers

Maruyama Trimmers & Brush Cutters aren’t unique for what they do. They’re unique for how they do it–rugged, dependable, day in and day out, year in and year out. No complaints.

A Maruyama is a tool designed for good old-fashioned roll up your sleeves, commercial-grade use. We don’t skimp or cut corners to save a buck, we don’t overlook the details just because they aren’t obvious. We make our equipment the way you’d want it to be made, rugged and dependable.

MARUYAMA VENOM Series Trimmers

The new MARUYAMA VENOM Series 2-Stroke engines are much more technologically advanced than their predecessors. Maruyama has  implemented a state-of-the-art HERE PHASE2 (3rd Generation Recirculator design – High Efficiency Recirculator Engine) technology in the creation of these ultra-clean modeled engines.

Unique features:

  • The cylinder is offset from the crankshaft centerline by 3mm.
  • The crankshaft counterweight is offset by 15°.


  • Lower Vibration ….
  • Lower Emissions …
  • Improved engine performance.
  • Incredibly fuel efficient; As much as 50% better than prior models.
  • 3-PC. hard chrome plated and polished cylinder for an even LONGER engine life.
  • Heavy-duty, washable foam air filter.