Hustler’s commercial lineup has evolved into the most complete lineup in the industry. From sit-downs to stand-ons to walk-behinds and deck sizes ranging from 36 to 104 inches, Hustler Turf is a one-stop shop for mowing professionals.



With every Hustler product, the mission remains the same – to provide the most dependable products that complete more work in less time, while maintaining unmatched customer loyalty and the best warranties in the business.


Precision control to help trim and maneuver easily around obstacles. This steering system has been developed over decades of experience. Many have tried to reverseengineer this design only to learn that it’s not one
component that makes it the smoothest in the industry


Hustler was the first to integrate the parking brake into the twin-lever design. This design was patented for years and continues to be a great safety measure for operators.


Fabricated welded-steel decks add strength and durability that outperform stamped decks found on other brands.


Fabricated welded-steel frames, over-engineered front axles, and thick front forks with heavy-duty caster yokes ensure your mower will last for many years. Our frames are tested for thousands of hours on grass and concrete test tracks with inclines and embankments. Our construction is superior to mowers at the same price point.


Who wants something you can’t work on yourself? More
engineering doesn’t always mean more parts or more complexity. Quite the opposite. We engineer our mowers
to have fewer parts and more access points, making them
efficient and easy to maintain.


Our decks are durable and engineered to give
homeowners a clean, crisp cut. This comes from decades
of learning how the airflow inside the deck stands grass
blades up during the cut. Make your neighbors jealous
with a beautifully manicured yard and well-defined stripes.

Increased Maneuverability

With handles on both sides of the mower, you can operate the mower with ease. The rear wheels can move in whatever direction you choose, giving you greater control as you navigate your way around shrubs, trees, and other obstacles. You can do 180 degrees, and 360 degree turns without any problems. The increased navigation control is also helpful when you have to mow in confined spaces.

Increased Versatility

Optional attachments include sprayers, seed spreaders and even snowplows. Hustler models come with a kit that allows you to mulch your lawn as you cut. Ask the Feldmann Power team about the best accessories for your new Hustler mower.

Less Strenuous

Zero-turn mowers allow you to ride the mower as you mow. This makes lawn maintenance less strenuous compared to walk-behind mowers. The degree of physical exertion is significantly reduced with zero riders from Hustler Mowers. Muscle strain and fatigue are also less likely since you’re less exerted than the walk-behind mowers.

Higher Efficiency

Various features of a zero-turn mower contribute to increased efficiency when you mow. Hustler models feature horsepower that ranges from 15 to 35 with an extremely high cutting speed. The greater cutting speed gives the Hustler zero-turn mower the capacity to work over vast areas quickly and efficiently. The mower has a long blade radius, helping to cut more grass. Hustler mowers also feature decks ranging from 36 inches to 72 inches, especially convenient if you have a large lawn. These large decks enable you to finish the job quickly without being too tasked.

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