Pressure washers

You take pride in your car, your outdoor space and the surfaces around your home. Get out there and power off the dirt fast and easy with our super team of pressure washers. 


Light-Duty Pressure Washers

Power wash your car, patio furniture and outside areas with our gas or electric light-duty pressure washers

Medium-Duty Pressure Washers

Take on that garage floor, deck, driveway and house siding with our medium-duty pressure washer.

Heavy-Duty Pressure Washers

Step up to wipe out the toughest stains, remove paint and eradicate rust or graffiti with our fearless heavy-duty pressure washer.

Cleaning Power from the Power Leader.

The pressure’s on. You’re getting ready to buy your first pressure washer. You’ve got big cleaning jobs to do and you want it done faster, easier – and cleaner. You want the reliability, quality and innovation, only the #1 manufacturer of pressure washers in North America can provide.

Briggs & Stratton backs you with over 100 years of power expertise, from front yards to farm fields, all over the globe. We build durable power equipment with performance you can trust, worldwide support you can depend on – and innovation inspired by you. We are not only the trusted, industry leader in pressure washers, we are the premier maker of small engines in the world – with a legacy and reputation unmatched by the competition.

Simply the best engines. In the world.

Whether you’re tackling a small project at home or up against the toughest task on a job site, you need the precise power and dependable performance that makes your work easier – and gives you the confidence to get it done.

You’ve got it with Briggs & Stratton’s legendary engines. Briggs & Stratton’s continuous commitment to quality and innovation make Briggs & Stratton the world’s largest producer of air-cooled gasoline engines – engines you can trust to start easily and perform reliably, every time.


Performance you can Trust

As a member of the Pressure Washer Manufacturers’ Association (PWMA), Briggs & Stratton tests every power washer it designs through a third-party testing program to validate our claims of performance. The certification program provides consumers with reliable and verified performance data.

Pressure washer technology. Inspired by you.

Every day, you tell us what stands in the way of a perfect clean. Our job is to listen – and innovate. You drive us to design and build products that give you the confidence to succeed. We put the power in your hands with our products, engineering, designing and producing what you need to get it done.

Our latest innovations allow us to provide you with the ultimate power washing experience:

Quiet Sense® Technology reduces engine noise by 40%* upon release of the spray gun trigger, making it quieter and more fuel efficient than standard pressure washer engines.

The Integrated Steam Cleaner easily removes dirt and grime from delicate surfaces like fabric, wheel rims, and grills.

The Push-Button Start feature delivers quick, hassle-free starts every time with our one-touch button.

The Briggs & Stratton pressure washer is the only one available with high pressure and high flow POWERflow+ Technology™, an exclusive system that works in sync to deliver twice the amount of water as standard pressure washers.

Integrated innovation

When you buy a Briggs & Stratton pressure washer, you can feel confident that every part – from the pump to the engine – has been engineered to work together. We don’t just add an engine. We add the performance and reliability that only an integrated product delivers. You get a quieter, more fuel-efficient pressure washer that starts easier and can blast away the toughest dirt. A smooth-running pressure washer with you will rely on for a very long time.

Pressure Washer Parts

A typical pressure washer contains the following primary components assembled together onto a metal frame in a single unit:

  1. Electric motor or gas engine
  2. Water pump
  3. Water inlet
  4. High-pressure hose
  5. Wand and nozzle attachments

Nozzles: Control the Spray

A wide range of tips (from pinpoint, to wide fan, to turbo) and nozzles allow you to change the angle and force of the spray for more versatile cleaning. And for deeper cleaning projects, adding a detergent to the water stream is an option.

Engines Matter: The Power Behind Your Washer

The engine that powers your pressure washer plays a pivotal role in product performance, reliability and user experience. You can rest assured that your engine is:

  • Easy to start
  • Powerful
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Rated to meet or exceed environmental standards
  • Backed by experienced service engine dealers worldwide