Light-Duty Pressure washers:

The right choice for:

  • Cars, trucks and boats
  • Patio furniture
  • Sidewalks
  • Stairs
  • Fencing


The ultimate outdoor cleaning tool. Faster, easier, more efficient cleaning. Give the outside of your home the same attention you give the inside. From light cleanup after gardening to blasting grime off the driveway – you’re in control. Pressure washers can be used for a variety of outside tasks such as cleaning backyard patios, decks, driveways, washing down patio furniture, vehicles and siding or prepping surfaces for painting. A pressure washer is the perfect tool to rejuvenate and restore worn out or dirty items. The information below will help you learn about selecting and purchasing the pressure washer that’s just right for you.

Gas or Electric?

Home Series Electric Pressure Washers are perfect for small, home cleaning projects like washing down your exterior entrance or sprucing up the patio. These units are compact, quiet, easy to maneuver and don’t require gasoline or oil. Home Series Gas Pressure Washers provide added power to take on the bigger tasks, such as cleaning hard-to-reach exteriors and driveway grime. They’re powered exclusively with Briggs & Stratton® engines. Gain cleaning speed and durability as you move up to higher rated PSIs and GPMs. From everyday clean up to serious, deep cleaning, we have a pressure washer that’s just right for you.

Pressure Washers 101

It’s a tough world out there. Things get dirty, messy and stained. Sometimes a garden hose, soap and elbow grease just aren’t enough for things to come clean. Enter the pressure washer.

Here’s How They Work:

Pressure washers can aggressively blast things clean with water jets pressurized at about 75 times the pressure of a garden hose. Or, they can gently spray with lower pressures for delicate cleaning. Pressure washers are commonly rated by PSI* and GPM* ratings.

What’s the difference between gas & electric models?

Some light-duty pressure washers run off your home’s electricity supply. These electric units are compact, quiet and easy to move around. More powerful, medium and heavy-duty models are powered by gasoline engines. Gas engine models are great if you’re working outside in places where an electric supply is hard to find or where stringing extension cords together would be dangerous or inconvenient. Pressure washers are part garden hose and part air compressor. A typical pressure washer has either a gas-fueled engine or electrical powered motor that powers a water pump. The pump accelerates the water, supplied from a garden hose, to produce high pressure. The washer is hooked to a high pressure-rated hose. At the end of the hose is a water gun that looks similar to the pressure guns used at car washes. When the trigger is pulled, the water mixes with the air and comes out of the nozzle.