Push Mower Engines

Push forward.

Whether you’re buying a new mower or upgrading your mower, you want the engine that always starts easily – with the reliability and power to cut through tall, thick grass every time. A lighter, quieter engine that drives your mower like a dream. Briggs & Stratton’s groundbreaking technology brings push mower powerhouses that are 50% quieter and store upright to use 70% less space. Tough, innovative – easier to use and maintain.

Riding Mower Engines

Built for Big Acreage. Saddle up with the right engine in your riding mower, and you have the power to get the perfect cut, consistent starting and durable components that add up to a long engine life. Briggs & Stratton riding mower engines deliver consistent high performance, from single-cylinder models to durable v-twin engines that can power zero-turn mowers and tractors with large mowing decks to handle the biggest landscapes.

Racing Engines

Unbeatable power. If you race, you not only have the need for speed – you demand power, performance and durability. From our Animal and M Series to our workhorse World Formula line, Briggs & Stratton’s racing engines thrive in the grueling conditions of racing. You’re in fast company with Briggs & Stratton’s unbeatable engineering, built on designing and testing in the specific environments and venues unique to each racing product. Whether it’s karting or snocross sanctioned racing, Briggs & Stratton puts you in front of the competition.

Utility Engines: Pressure Washers, Portable Generators & Tillers

Utility player. When it comes to engines, sometimes you need a jack-of-all-trades. The perfect small engine to power the equipment you use to maintain your home and yard, like a garden tiller, log splitter, pressure washer, water pump or portable generator. Count on the versatile and durable utility engines from Briggs & Stratton to perform consistently and start easily, no matter how tough the job.

Snow Blower Engines

Ace the ice and snow. You can’t risk a snow blower engine that freezes up when winter’s worst hits hard. Briggs & Stratton’s sturdy, reliable blower engines start easily every time at temperatures as low as -20°F and deliver the power you need to throw thick, heavy snow on the iciest morning. Go ahead, power up that snow blower and blitz that blizzard with our rough and ready snow blower engines.