American Steel Carports Inc


Why American Steel Carports Inc.

Known for remarkable customer service, American Steel is a leading manufacturer of durable, versatile metal carports and structures. American Steel has been engineering Steel Carports, Steel Garages, Steel Barns, Steel Workshops, Custom Steel Buildings, and Steel RV Carports for over 20 years.

Feldmann Power is proud to partner with this industry leader to provide our customers with long-lasting, premium metal building solutions. When you are looking for a quality metal building near you, look no further than Feldmann Power and American Steel.



Red A-Frame style steel carport metal building with verticle roof

The Benefits & Features of a New American Steel Carports Inc. Building


Finest Metal Buildings:

Built with the finest quality American Steel, these metal buildings are strong enough to protect anything you want to put under a secure roof, from RVs and ATVs to your daily driver. They also can protect your horses, livestock, and other agricultural or commercial equipment.

360-Degree Roof Bracing

American Steel Carports Inc. metal buildings are reinforced with braces at the center and every corner of a truss ensures the steel structure will remain stable for long periods of time. 360-degree roof bracing provides extra strength which helps prevent the roof from caving in or other damage.

4 Season Workmanship Warranty

American Steel Carports Inc provides a 1-year workmanship warranty from the date of installation for every metal building unit. American Steel back up every metal building is bought for 4 seasons and ensures it protects your valuables from blazing heat, heavy snow, harsh winds, rain and any other natural elements which come in between. American Steel Carports Inc warranties against all defects in workmanship for 1 year after a completed install.

90MPH Wind Warranty:

Be 100% sure with a wind warranty from American Steel Carports Inc. The optional wind warranty package guarantees your pre-engineered metal building withstands windstorms, headwinds, and other hard winds starting from 90mph. Ask the team at Feldmann Power or call 866-730-9865 to find the best warranty for your building. Remember “Stronger Lasts Longer”.

Engineer Certified Metal Buildings

American Steel Carport Inc metal buildings are engineer certified so you can install them without hassle. All our metal buildings are designed to meet the standards set by nearby local and state authorities. American Steel Carports Inc. offers additional requirements for extra snow load or extra wind resistance upon request.

20 Years Warranty

American Steel warrants for a period of 20 years from the date of completion of installation, against rust through on the framing only assuming normal user care and maintenance on 12 gauge materials. This warranty does not apply to 14 gauge materials. Additionally, galvanization extends the life and appearance of your next structure.

Custom Colors for Your Building

With 12 available color options, American Steel Carports Inc and Feldmann Power can match your metal building to most homes or other pre-existing buildings on your property.

Additional Options

Colored Screws

Match the exterior of your building with colored screws to give it a sleeker look.

Deluxe Window:

A 30 in. x 30 in. square window can be installed on most buildings. Choose between Half Screen (more residential style) Horizontal or Vertical Sliding. Windows can be completely framed. Restrictions may apply.

45-Degree Angles

45 degree cut corners gives the building a finished look.

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