Open & A-Frame Carports

Metal carports do an important job, they protect you and your car from the elements. One of the main selling points for carports of all shapes and sizes is their affordable nature. Metal carports are structures that tend to go up quickly without the expense of wood-framed buildings. If it is cost savings you are after, you will be hard-pressed to do better than a carport. Carports are simple, durable, affordable structures with a surprisingly long list of benefits.

Explore American Steel’s prebuilt designs to find the available styles and options below and get your no-obligation quote today.

Open & A-Frame Carport Designs

Open Carports

You can select open carports that have an enclosed storage unit along with an attached open carport in the front. Choose open carports with enclosed sides to provide shelter for your horses or any other animals. On a smaller scale, you could even use metal carports as dog kennels. The uses for open carports are seemingly endless.


A-Frame Carports

A-Frame carports are a great option when you need sturdy, reliable protection for a vehicle or other items. There are several advantages to choosing an A-Frame model instead of some of our other carport options. Those advantages are both aesthetic and practical, so it’s worth thinking carefully about whether or not a boxed-eave carport should be your final choice.